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  • Williamsburg, KY - Mid-South Conference (NAIA)

    Head Coach and W/L records aren't yet available for NAIA teams.

    2,900 undergrads at this Private school (religious affiliation: Baptist)

    Student avg: SAT: 870-1090 or ACT: 19-25

    12 scholarships to give which can be shared among players (NAIA limit)

    53 players on the roster.

    12 for 53: the average player receives athletic aid covering 23% of full costs

    Tuition/fees/board: $38,200

    With 23% covered: $29,551

    2017-18 Roster
    Pitcher Catcher Infield Outfield DH Utility
    Unknown Position
    DJ Lewis (165 lbs)
    Tyler Krauth SR (205 lbs) Mt. Washington, KY
    Andrew Ramos SR (200 lbs) Santa Ana, CA
    Manny Castellano SR (165 lbs) Brooklyn, NY
    David Groh SR (191 lbs) Temecula, CA
    Roberto Prado SR (185 lbs) Vega Baja
    Reed Spata SR (190 lbs) Taylor Mill, KY
    Anthony Martinez SR (165 lbs) Nogales, AZ
    Garrett Vathroder JR (220 lbs) Leesburg, FL
    Zach Hurley JR (190 lbs) London, KY
    Cody Spencer JR (200 lbs) Wauchula, FL
    Mason Kleist JR (190 lbs) Naples, FL
    Alex Briney JR (197 lbs) Bardstown, KY
    Ryan Reviere JR (214 lbs) Chattanooga, TN
    Josh Avila JR (185 lbs) San Dimas, CA
    Hampton Clark JR (164 lbs) Kennesaw, GA
    Nick Boys JR (190 lbs) Brisbane, Australia
    Orley Arellano JR (185 lbs) Manati, PR
    Robbie Stroub JR (200 lbs) Cynthiana, KY
    Bryan Benz JR (201 lbs) Arlington, TX
    Frankie Lopez JR (185 lbs) San Diego, CA
    Andrew Patterson JR (194 lbs) Louisville, KY
    Daniel Diaz JR (175 lbs) Nogales, Mexico
    J.C. Santos JR (200 lbs) Manati
    Raudy Martinez JR (225 lbs) Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
    Nicholas Purpera JR (225 lbs) Gonzales, LA
    Alex Dominguez JR (210 lbs) Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
    Chase Jenkins JR (192 lbs) Dalton, GA
    Marco Munoz JR (180 lbs) Nogales, AZ
    Braden Miller SO (195 lbs) Corbin, KY
    Britton Elmore SO (205 lbs) Cecilia, KY
    Kyle Pomeroy SO (180 lbs) Louisville, KY
    Colton Easterwood SO (184 lbs) Troy, TN
    Josiah Robbins SO (180 lbs) Danville, KY
    Austin Madry SO (210 lbs) Lexington, KY
    Cory Ledington SO (171 lbs)
    Guillermo Villegas SO (182 lbs) Petare Caracas, Venezuela
    Tait Phillips FR (190 lbs) Maryville, TN
    RJ Snyder FR (147 lbs) Hanna, IN
    Rolando Rodriguez FR (245 lbs) Havana, Cuba
    Tyler Morris FR (218 lbs) Raceland, KY
    Sam Seahorn FR (160 lbs) Georgetown, KY
    Noah Thornberry FR (170 lbs) Bowling Green, KY
    Lucas Jones FR (221 lbs) Brodhead, KY
    Bryce Alcorn FR (171 lbs)
    Hunter Ross FR (160 lbs) Knoxville, TN
    Gus Garrison FR (135 lbs) Cynthiana, KY
    Jared Kilgore FR (205 lbs) Berea, KY
    Jacob Woolum FR (175 lbs) Corbin, KY
    Garryn Wood FR (195 lbs) Frankfort, KY
    Michael Lobred FR (185 lbs) Mt. Washington, KY
    Jarred Long FR (180 lbs) Stanford, KY
    Chris Parsons FR (205 lbs) Williamstown, KY