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    Mayville, ND - North Star Athletic Association (NAIA)

    Head Coach and W/L records aren't yet available for NAIA teams.

    1,091 undergrads at this Public school

    Student avg: SAT: 693-915 or ACT: 18-23

    12 scholarships to give which can be shared among players (NAIA limit)

    43 players on the roster.

    12 for 43: the average player receives athletic aid covering 28% of full costs

    Tuition/fees/board: $20,343 out-of-state, or $17,524 in-state

    With 28% covered: $14,666 out-of-state, or $12,634 in-state

    2017-18 Roster
    Pitcher Catcher Infield Outfield DH Utility
    Unknown Position
    Conner Starke SR (165 lbs) Hollister, CA
    Austin Monson SR (232 lbs) Glenfield, ND
    Mason Swegarden SR (180 lbs) Lake Park, MN
    Erik Barron SR (185 lbs) San Jose, CA
    Jonathon Folena SR (200 lbs) Elk Grove, CA
    Obie Wilder SR (217 lbs) Hempstead, TX
    Spencer Merle SR (180 lbs) Farmington, MN
    Austin Herrington JR (210 lbs) Antioch, CA
    Osvaldo Escobar JR (180 lbs) Las Vegas, NV
    Uriel Rosario JR (193 lbs) Fitchbury, MA
    Kalton Agnes JR (190 lbs) Langdon, ND
    Marcus Wohl JR (195 lbs) West Fargo, ND
    Jonathan Pluth JR (165 lbs) Concord, CA
    Mason Pryzbilla JR (220 lbs) Bismarck, ND
    Evyn Yamaguchi JR (175 lbs) Honaunau, HI
    Carl Bremer JR (190 lbs) Howel, MI
    Riley Nelson JR (162 lbs) Cooperstown, ND
    Rodney Gilbert JR (274 lbs) Vancouver
    Riley Nelson JR (170 lbs) Colorado Springs, CO
    Zachary Foster JR (182 lbs) Salinas, CA
    Jesse O'Connell JR (190 lbs) Sydney
    Brady Nygaard JR (190 lbs) Mayville, ND
    Craig Broadman JR (170 lbs) Fieldbrook, CA
    Andrew Hill JR (173 lbs) Bottineau, ND
    Jayden Miller JR (160 lbs) Steele, ND
    Corbin Phelts JR (150 lbs) Layton, UT
    Parker Stohr JR (240 lbs) Yakima, WA
    Makaio Duyao JR (163 lbs) Gilroy, CA
    Shelton Grace SO (190 lbs) Kealakekua, HI
    Hayden Bring SO (245 lbs) Galesburg, ND
    Troy Osterode SO (162 lbs) Anthem, AZ
    Conner DiNaro SO (207 lbs) San Jose, CA
    Chase Knudson SO (185 lbs) Mayville, ND
    Kellen Enget SO (180 lbs) Stanley, ND
    Mason Rice FR (320 lbs) Stanley, ND
    Tim Rooks FR (185 lbs) Pahokee, FL
    Peyton Sell FR (250 lbs) Glencoe, MN
    Spencer Smith FR (200 lbs) East Bethel, MN
    Peyton Yoshioka FR (155 lbs) Kaneohe, HI
    Na'ea-Kaiya Leleiwi FR (150 lbs) Kailua
    Jacob Bilden FR (195 lbs) Northwood, ND
    Brandon Moore FR (180 lbs) Deer Park, WA
    Nickolas Nelson FR (200 lbs) Argusville, ND