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  • Arlington, VA - Capital Athletic Conference (DIII)

    2017-18 Head Coach: Kate Athing
    2016-17: 13-6 (Kate Athing)
    2015-16: 10-9 (Kate Athing)
    2014-15: 4-11 (Kate Athing)
    2013-14: 8-8 (Jamie Reynolds)
    2012-13: 7-8 (Jamie Reynolds)
    42-42 (50.0%) over the past 5 years ranks...

    6 out of 9 in the CAC

    134 out of 287 in DIII

    2,323 undergrads at this Private school (religious affiliation: Roman Catholic)

    Student avg: SAT: 860-1080 or ACT: 18-23

    16 players on the roster

    NCAA Division III schools do not give athletic scholarships. Most have alternative sources of aid such as need-based or academic aid allocated for athletes that you should ask about when speaking with D3 coaches.

    Tuition/fees/board: $46,664

    With 0% covered: $46,664

    2017-18 Roster
    Attack Midfield Defense Goalie
    SR Lax stick Lax stick Lax stick
    JR Lax stick Lax stick Lax stick Lax stick Lax stick Lax stick
    SO Lax stick Lax stick Lax stick
    FR Lax stick Lax stick Lax stick Lax stick
    Attack (Avg. Height: 5'7)
    Abby Wescott SR   (5-10) Haymarket, VA
    Kelly Campbell JR   (5-7) Hainesport, NJ
    Gabby Albig JR   (5-9) Westbury, NY
    Jessica Crew JR   (5-8) Leesburg, VA
    Madison Davis SO   (5-5) Pottstown, PA
    Shea Smith FR   (5-2) Leesburg, VA
    Goalies (Avg. Height: 5'6)
    Holly Reik JR   (5-3) Baltimore, MD
    Meagan Gagnon SO   (5-9) Whispering Pines, NC

    Midfield (Avg. Height: 5'6)
    Kellen Cannon SR   (5-7) Milton, DE
    Bridgette Stacom JR   (5-6) New Hyde Park, NY
    Eliana Cassel SO   (5-7) Littleton, CO
    Josephine Bennett FR   (5-5) Manassas, VA
    Defense (Avg. Height: 5'4)
    Liah Agouras SR   (5-7) Brookfield, CT
    Alex Delgado JR   (5-4) Annapolis, MD
    Emmaline DeWitt FR   (5-4) Savannah, GA
    Caroline Wolford FR   (5-2) Fairfax, VA