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    Rochester, NY - Empire 8 (DIII)

    2017-18 Head Coach: Brandon Potter
    2016-17: 31-12 (Brandon Potter)
    2015-16: 39-13 (Brandon Potter)
    2014-15: 25-18 (Brandon Potter)
    2013-14: 31-11 (Brandon Potter)
    2012-13: 28-14 (Brandon Potter)
    154-68 (69.4%) over the past 5 years ranks...

    2 out of 7 in the E-8

    25 out of 391 in DIII

    2,796 undergrads at this Private school (religious affiliation: Roman Catholic)

    Student avg: SAT: 970-1150 or ACT: 22-26

    45 players on the roster

    NCAA Division III schools do not give athletic scholarships. Most have alternative sources of aid such as need-based or academic aid allocated for athletes that you should ask about when speaking with D3 coaches.

    Tuition/fees/board: $46,120

    With 0% covered: $46,120

    2017-18 Roster
    Pitcher Catcher Infield Outfield DH Utility
    JR Mitt Mitt Mitt
    SO Mitt
    FR Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt
    Brent Carmello FR - IF (170 lbs) Fredonia, NY
    Michael Beimel FR - 1B (175 lbs) Saint Marys, PA
    Patrick Kravitz FR - IF (170 lbs) Spring Brook, PA
    Mitchell Rosati FR - OF (165 lbs) Glenwood, NY
    Pat Galer FR - OF (170 lbs) Whitesboro, NY
    Kurt Forsell FR - OF (180 lbs) Clifton Park, NY
    Utility Players
    Jake Hewitt JR - UTL (210 lbs) Penfield, NY
    Ryan Brown JR - UTL (165 lbs) Rochester, NY
    Unknown Position
    Ryan Felske SR (200 lbs) Nesconset, NY
    Jack Vivinetto SR (200 lbs) Rochester, NY
    Victor Konstantinovsky SR (190 lbs) North Brunswick, NJ
    Ryan Fahy SR (215 lbs) East Herkimer
    Scott Eisenmenger SR (235 lbs) Hilton, NY
    DJ Mendenhall SR (205 lbs) Warwick, NY
    Peter Pinque SR (225 lbs) Buchanan, NY
    Kyle Norton SR (190 lbs) River Edge, NJ
    TJ Polito SR (180 lbs) Edison, NJ
    Jim Dawson JR (230 lbs) Webster, NY
    Matt Toohey JR (185 lbs) Rockaway, NJ
    Jason Wasilnak JR (185 lbs) Endicott, NY
    Anthony Loussedes JR (170 lbs) Lagrangeville, NY
    Kyle Chambers JR (175 lbs) Queensbury, NY
    Caleb Lee JR (185 lbs) Buffalo, NY
    Michael Yaizzo SO (165 lbs) Syracuse, NY
    Rylan Baker SO (175 lbs) Durhamville, NY
    Sean Harris SO (195 lbs) Olean, NY
    Anthony Brophy SO (200 lbs) North Tonawanda, NY
    Zachary Ryan SO (195 lbs)
    Dillan Wilkinson SO (170 lbs) Liverpool, NY
    Stephen Edgett SO (190 lbs) Webster, NY
    Allen Murphy SO (175 lbs) Richburg, NY
    Thomas Pasquale SO (185 lbs) Endicott, NY
    Justin Graham SO (170 lbs) Webster, NY
    Morrie Silver SO (180 lbs) Rochester, NY
    Ryan Simmons SO (180 lbs) Farmington, NY
    Antony Mantova SO (170 lbs) Albany, NY

    Jake Hewitt JR - P (210 lbs) Penfield, NY
    Garrett Litvak SO - P (160 lbs) Fair Lawn, NJ
    Harrison Brown FR - P (170 lbs) Bedford Hills, NY
    Jack Delaney FR - P (160 lbs) Merrick, NY
    RJ Kuruts FR - P (170 lbs) Forest City, PA
    Pat Galer FR - P (170 lbs) Whitesboro, NY
    Alec Teska FR - P (175 lbs) Cato, NY
    Matthew Raudelunas FR - P (175 lbs) Madison, NJ
    Jared Wren FR - P (185 lbs) Sodus, NY
    Kurt Forsell FR - P (180 lbs) Clifton Park, NY
    Tim Geissel FR - P (165 lbs) Scotch Plains, NJ
    Mitchell Rosati FR - P (165 lbs) Glenwood, NY
    Dennis Gagliardo FR - C (185 lbs) Lewiston, NY
    Michael Beimel FR - C (175 lbs) Saint Marys, PA