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  • Hamburg, NY - Allegheny Mountain Collegiate Conference (DIII)

    2017-18 Head Coach: Drew Fittry
    2016-17: 8-24 (Drew Fittry)
    2015-16: 11-21 (Matt Glowacki)
    2014-15: 8-25 (Matt Glowacki)
    2013-14: 6-26 (Jim Perrick)
    2012-13: 3-31 (Jim Perrick)
    36-127 (22.1%) over the past 5 years ranks...

    8 out of 10 in the AMCC

    369 out of 391 in DIII

    888 undergrads at this Private school (religious affiliation: Roman Catholic)

    23 players on the roster

    NCAA Division III schools do not give athletic scholarships. Most have alternative sources of aid such as need-based or academic aid allocated for athletes that you should ask about when speaking with D3 coaches.

    Tuition/fees/board: $32,450

    With 0% covered: $32,450

    2017-18 Roster
    Pitcher Catcher Infield Outfield DH Utility
    SR Mitt Mitt
    JR Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt
    SO Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt
    FR Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt
    Brandon Zicari SO - IF Webster, NY
    Thomas Tette SO - IF Rochester, NY
    Ryan Samuels SO - IF Lee Center, NY
    Ryan Perrin SO - IF Cicero, NY
    Connor Duck FR - IF Lancaster, NY
    Chad Boldt FR - IF West Valley, NY
    Jacob Quiter FR - IF Gowanda, NY
    Dylan Cote FR - IF Pavilion, NY
    Eric Flores SR - OF San Diego, CA
    Mathew Sokolski JR - OF Elma, NY
    Tristan Aldinger JR - OF Attica, NY
    Utility Players
    Ian Moran SO - UTL Ft. Drum, NY
    Unknown Position
    Zachary Crane FR Auburn, NY

    Winfred Nelson SR - P Cherry Creek, NY
    Tristan Aldinger JR - P Attica, NY
    Treyton delaCuesta JR - P Centennial, CO
    Michael Goodberry JR - P West Falls, NY
    Jay Bergmann JR - P Lakeview, NY
    Henry Bowers SO - P Helena, MT
    Evan Kaul SO - P Elma, NY
    Daniel Munn FR - P Shortsville, NY
    Derek Switzer FR - P Rome, NY
    Edward Smallman FR - C Breezy Point, NY
    Jared Welnowski FR - C Kenmore, NY