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  • DeLand, FL - Atlantic Sun (DI)

    2017-18 Head Coach: Steve Trimper
    2016-17: 27-29 (Steve Trimper)
    2015-16: 29-31 (Pete Dunn)
    2014-15: 29-30 (Pete Dunn)
    2013-14: 26-34 (Pete Dunn)
    2012-13: 26-31 (Pete Dunn)
    137-155 (46.9%) over the past 5 years ranks...

    6 out of 8 in the Atlantic Sun

    189 out of 297 in DI

    3,084 undergrads at this Private school

    11.7 scholarships to give which can be shared among players (NCAA limit)

    33 players on the roster.

    11.7 for 33: the average player receives athletic aid covering 35% of full costs

    Tuition/fees/board: $59,766

    With 35% covered: $38,576

    2017-18 Roster
    Pitcher Catcher Infield Outfield DH Utility
    Unknown Position
    Austin Hale SR (192 lbs) Winter Park, FL
    Brooks Wilson SR (209 lbs) Lakeland, FL
    Nico Torino SR (190 lbs) Ocala, FL
    Ben Onyshko SR (210 lbs) Winnipeg
    Joey Gonzalez JR (177 lbs) Miami, FL
    Jonathan Meola JR (223 lbs) Toms River, NJ
    Jack Gonzalez JR (224 lbs) Orlando, FL
    Jack Perkins JR (218 lbs) Ocala, FL
    Mike Spooner JR (204 lbs) Boca Raton, FL
    Vlad Nunez JR (225 lbs) Miami, FL
    Kirk Sidwell JR (208 lbs) Windermere, FL
    Logan Gilbert JR (225 lbs) Apopka, FL
    Baylen Sparks JR (208 lbs) Palm Beach Gardens, FL
    Jacob Koos JR (165 lbs) Wellington, FL
    Bruce Martin JR (180 lbs) Boynton Beach, FL
    Ryan Stark SO (163 lbs) Wellington, FL
    Andrew MacNeil SO (200 lbs) Gainesville, FL
    Austin Bogart SO (197 lbs) Inverness, FL
    Jeremy Orbik SO (182 lbs) Homewood, IL
    Mitchell Senger SO (240 lbs) Boca Raton, FL
    Jorge Arenas SO (200 lbs) Miami Shores, FL
    Erik Wiebke SO (212 lbs) Wellington, FL
    Austin Wood FR (232 lbs) Barberville, FL
    Eric Foggo FR (236 lbs) Hilton Head, SC
    Jake Murphy FR (171 lbs) Southlake, TX
    Jake Liberatore FR (185 lbs) Bayport, NY
    Danny Martin FR (180 lbs) Miami, FL
    Zemp Schwab FR (245 lbs) New Smyrna Beach, FL
    Dee Shelton FR (183 lbs) Winter Garden, FL
    Kyle Ball FR (176 lbs) Stratham, NH
    Nick Cardieri FR (201 lbs) Brooklyn, NY
    Chris Gonzalez FR (197 lbs) Miami, FL
    Cam Coakley FR (204 lbs) Lutz, FL