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  • Davidson, NC - Atlantic 10 (DI)

    2017-18 Head Coach: Dick Cooke
    2016-17: 35-26 (Dick Cooke)
    2015-16: 28-26 (Dick Cooke)
    2014-15: 28-22 (Dick Cooke)
    2013-14: 29-19 (Dick Cooke)
    2012-13: 18-31 (Dick Cooke)
    138-124 (52.7%) over the past 5 years ranks...

    4 out of 13 in the A-10

    123 out of 297 in DI

    1,784 undergrads at this Private school (religious affiliation: Presbyterian Church)

    Student avg: SAT: 1250-1440 or ACT: 28-33

    11.7 scholarships to give which can be shared among players (NCAA limit)

    35 players on the roster.

    11.7 for 35: the average player receives athletic aid covering 33% of full costs

    Tuition/fees/board: $64,698

    With 33% covered: $43,070

    2017-18 Roster
    Pitcher Catcher Infield Outfield DH Utility
    Unknown Position
    Alec Acosta SR (208 lbs) Miami, FL
    Connor Gordon SR (199 lbs) North Bellmore, NY
    Josh Smutzer SR (197 lbs) Tucson, AZ
    Cam Johnson SR (184 lbs) Wake Forest, NC
    Andrew Born SR (181 lbs) Strafford, PA
    Evan Roberts SR (189 lbs) Newburyport, MA
    Austin Leonard JR (194 lbs) Charlotte, NC
    Andrew Ashur JR (181 lbs) Vienna, VA
    Eric Jones JR (193 lbs) Charlotte, NC
    Allen Barry JR (194 lbs) Malvern, PA
    Josh Hudson JR (193 lbs) Siler City, NC
    Justin Lebek JR (210 lbs) Wilton, CT
    Max Bazin JR (182 lbs) Charlotte, NC
    Dan Spear JR (181 lbs) Bridgewater, NJ
    Casey Sutherland JR (205 lbs) Apopka, FL
    Sam Reinertsen JR (180 lbs) San Anselmo, CA
    Alex Fedje-Johnson SO (192 lbs) Minneapolis, MN
    Ward Coleman SO (218 lbs) Wilmington, NC
    Greg Lowe SO (195 lbs) Danville, CA
    Brett Centracchio SO (221 lbs) Alpharetta, GA
    Charlie King SO (193 lbs) Winterville, NC
    Jaret LaCagnina SO (171 lbs) Naples, FL
    Matt Frey SO (192 lbs) Murrysville, PA
    Zach Nussbaum SO (186 lbs) Seattle
    ZJ Zabinski SO (204 lbs) Blue Bell, PA
    Walker Imwalle SO (254 lbs) Teachey, NC
    Jake Biederman FR (193 lbs) Austin, TX
    Luke Burton FR (170 lbs) Charlottesville, VA
    Alex Jobe FR (195 lbs) Midlothian, VA
    Alex Mardiney FR (213 lbs) Lutherville, MD
    Drew DeRubertis FR (213 lbs) Pearl River, NY
    Alex Chan FR (226 lbs)
    Pete Bloomberg FR (198 lbs) Morrisville, NC
    Ruben Fontes FR (209 lbs) Bonita, CA
    Garrison Looke FR (161 lbs) Camden, ME