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  • Orlando, FL - American Athletic Conference (DI)

    2017-18 Head Coach: Greg Lovelady
    2016-17: 40-22 (Greg Lovelady)
    2015-16: 26-33 (Terry Rooney)
    2014-15: 31-27 (Terry Rooney)
    2013-14: 36-23 (Terry Rooney)
    2012-13: 29-30 (Terry Rooney)
    162-135 (54.6%) over the past 5 years ranks...

    5 out of 9 in the American Athletic

    102 out of 297 in DI

    54,662 undergrads at this Public school

    Student avg: SAT: 1080-1270 or ACT: 24-28

    11.7 scholarships to give which can be shared among players (NCAA limit)

    33 players on the roster.

    11.7 for 33: the average player receives athletic aid covering 35% of full costs

    Tuition/fees/board: $38,353 out-of-state, or $22,254 in-state

    With 35% covered: $24,755 out-of-state, or $14,364 in-state

    2017-18 Roster
    Pitcher Catcher Infield Outfield DH Utility
    JR Mitt
    Unknown Position
    Logan Heiser SR (170 lbs) Jupiter, FL
    Nick McCoy SR (220 lbs) Albion, IN
    Max Wood SR (192 lbs) West Vancouver
    Eric Hepple SR (218 lbs) Coral Springs, FL
    Matthew Mika JR (180 lbs) Lake Worth, FL
    Luis Ferrer JR (195 lbs) Cape Coral, FL
    Tyler Osik JR (195 lbs) Shoreham, NY
    Jordan Spicer JR (210 lbs) Hialeah, FL
    Michael Higgins JR (210 lbs) Stillwater, OK
    Cre Finfrock JR (197 lbs) Jensen Beach, FL
    Thad Ward JR (182 lbs) Fort Myers, FL
    Brody Wofford JR (198 lbs) Rome, GA
    JJ Montgomery JR (200 lbs) Indianapolis, IN
    Brandon Hernandez JR (180 lbs) Royal Palm Beach, FL
    Chandler Robertson JR (185 lbs) Ancaster
    Anthony George JR (190 lbs) Oviedo, FL
    Garrett Westberg JR (200 lbs) Federal Way, WA
    Bryce Tucker JR (205 lbs) Apopka, FL
    Isaiah Musa JR (170 lbs) Miami, FL
    Jackson Webb SO (176 lbs) Roswell, GA
    Ray Alejo SO (170 lbs) Orlando, FL
    Rylan Thomas SO (235 lbs) Winter Garden, FL
    David Phrathep SO (186 lbs) St. Petersburg, FL
    Joe Sheridan SO (180 lbs) Oviedo, FL
    Dallas Beaver SO (219 lbs) Kissimmee, FL
    Jaylyn Whitehead SO (165 lbs) Ocoee, FL
    David Litchfield SO (175 lbs) Longwood, FL
    Griffin Bernardo FR (210 lbs) Longwood, FL
    Dalton Wingo FR (190 lbs) Plant City, FL
    Jeffrey Hakanson FR (185 lbs) Tampa, FL
    Adams Torres FR (176 lbs) Kissimmee, FL
    Jack Sinclair FR (170 lbs) Coral Springs, FL

    Chris Williams JR - RHP (180 lbs) Fort Lauderdale, FL