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  • SEASIDE, CA - California Collegiate Athletic Association (DII)

    2017-18 Head Coach: Walt White
    2016-17: 28-24 (Walt White)
    2015-16: 34-21 (Walt White)
    2014-15: 32-20 (Walt White)
    2013-14: 23-27 (Walt White)
    2012-13: 39-17 (Walt White)
    156-109 (58.9%) over the past 5 years ranks...

    4 out of 12 in the CCAA

    74 out of 265 in DII

    6,648 undergrads at this Public school

    9 scholarships to give which can be shared among players (NCAA limit)

    46 players on the roster.

    9 for 46: the average player receives athletic aid covering 20% of full costs

    Tuition/fees/board: $32,838 out-of-state, or $21,678 in-state

    With 20% covered: $26,413 out-of-state, or $17,437 in-state

    2017-18 Roster
    Pitcher Catcher Infield Outfield DH Utility
    SR Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt
    JR Mitt Mitt Mitt
    SO Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt Mitt
    Ruben Gonzalez SR - IF (185 lbs) Murrieta, CA
    Myles Hager SR - IF (190 lbs) Tarzana, CA
    Ryan Winkler SR - 1B (230 lbs) San Ramon, CA
    D'Andre Sanchez JR - IF (165 lbs) Whittier, CA
    Reed Oster JR - IF (185 lbs) Napa, CA
    Aaron Gaela SO - IF (205 lbs) Vallejo, CA
    Connor Fabing SO - 1B (205 lbs) Hollister, CA
    Max Sanderson SR - OF (190 lbs) Pleasanton, CA
    Darren Kriz SR - OF (170 lbs) Chatsworth, CA
    Tyson Quolas SR - OF (180 lbs) Oxnard, CA
    AC Nuñez SR - OF (185 lbs) Corona, CA
    Chandler Gaspar JR - OF (215 lbs) Irvine, CA
    Unknown Position
    Jacob Tonascia SR (230 lbs) Hollister, CA
    Jordan Esposo SR (180 lbs) Marina, CA
    Kyle Czaplak SR (180 lbs) Monterey, CA
    Gabe Katich SR (185 lbs) San Jose, CA
    Levi Noddin JR (215 lbs) San Leandro, CA
    Max Jones JR (210 lbs) Whittier, CA
    TJ Dove JR (205 lbs) Yuba City, CA
    Connor Caspersen JR (175 lbs) Pleasanton, CA
    Jakob Davidson JR (182 lbs) Pleasanton, CA
    Brandon Granger JR (215 lbs) Hollister, CA
    Jeffery Ahern JR (190 lbs) Anderson, CA
    Kale Leach JR (240 lbs) Elk Grove, CA
    Tano Garza JR (185 lbs) Ukiah, CA
    Alex Zarate JR (260 lbs) San Jose, CA
    Nicholas Napoli JR (180 lbs) Fresno, CA
    Ian Manzo JR (200 lbs) Colorado Springs, CO
    Derrick Edwards JR (195 lbs) San Pedro, CA
    Kyle Guerra SO (160 lbs) San Leandro, CA
    Devin Orr SO (150 lbs) Roseville, CA
    Tyler Triano FR (165 lbs) Hollister, CA
    Andrew Crane FR (170 lbs) San Marcos, CA
    Hunter Isbell FR (175 lbs) San Diego, CA
    Angelo Paez FR (175 lbs) Oakland, CA
    Ricky Nuñez FR (185 lbs) Riverside, CA
    Eduardo Barraza FR (185 lbs) Wasco, CA

    Pitchers (Avg. Height: 6'5)
    Nick Milone SR - RHP (200 lbs) Northridge, CA
    Colton Fletcher SR - LHP (215 lbs) San Jose, CA
    Tyson Quolas SR - LHP (180 lbs) Oxnard, CA
    Alex Van Es SR - RHP (175 lbs) Camarillo, CA
    A.J. Banuelos SR - RHP (215 lbs) Soledad, CA
    Ethan McRae SO - LHP (6-5, 195) Hanford, CA
    Greg Steinbeck SO - RHP (178 lbs) Hollister, CA
    Jacob Ahid SO - LHP (190 lbs) Hilmar, CA
    Hayden Duer SR - C (220 lbs) Davis, CA
    Robert Boisvert SO - C (225 lbs) Highland, CA