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  • Tyler, TX - Red River Ath. Conf. (NAIA)

    Head Coach and W/L records aren't yet available for NAIA teams.

    853 undergrads at this Private school (religious affiliation: Christian Methodist Episcopal)

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    8 scholarships to give which can be shared among players (NAIA limit)

    10 players on the roster.

    8 for 10: the average player receives athletic aid covering 80% of full costs

    Tuition/fees/board: $21,008

    With 80% covered: $4,202

    2017-18 Roster
    JR Vball icon dark small
    SO Vball icon dark small
    FR Vball icon dark small
    Defensive Specialists (Avg. Height: 5'7)
    Karah Phipps JR   (5-11)
    Keauna Schultz SO   (5-10)
    Maria Pizarro FR   (5-0)
    Unknown Position
    Timeshia Johnson JR   (5-6)
    Destiny Hubbard SO   (5-3)
    Tiffany Simmons SO   (5-5)
    Keya Gipson FR   (5-2)
    Miyah Hollins FR   (5-10)
    Claudia Lujan FR   (5-5)
    Daphnee Conley FR   (5-11)