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  • Scranton, PA - Colonial States Ath. Conf. (DIII)

    2017-18 Head Coach: Carrisa Dube
    2017-18: 13-20 (Carrisa Dube)
    2016-17: 16-19-1 (Timothy Walsh)
    2015-16: 8-17 (Timothy Walsh)
    2014-15: 14-11 (Shannon Kane)
    2013-14: 18-12 (Sharon Uliana)
    69-79-1 (46.6%) over the past 5 years ranks...

    6 out of 12 in the CSAC

    241 out of 439 in DIII

    1,933 undergrads at this Private school (religious affiliation: Roman Catholic)

    Student avg: SAT: 940-1120

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    9 players on the roster

    NCAA Division III schools do not give athletic scholarships. Most have alternative sources of aid such as need-based or academic aid allocated for athletes that you should ask about when speaking with D3 coaches.

    Tuition/fees/board: $49,400

    With 0% covered: $49,400

    2017-18 Roster
    SO Vball icon dark small
    FR Vball icon dark small Vball icon dark small Vball icon dark small Vball icon dark small Vball icon dark small
    Setters (Avg. Height: 5'5)
    Annie Heyen FR   (5-5) Rochester, NY
    Katie Bilello FR   Seaford, NY
    Defensive Specialists (Avg. Height: 5'4)
    Brenna Kelley FR   (5-2) Hanover, PA
    Sam Compton FR   (5-6) Union Bridge, MD
    Katie Bilello FR   Seaford, NY
    Unknown Position
    Mikayla Attwood SO   (5-11) Cedar Grove
    Jordan Vossler SO   (5-2) San Marcos, CA
    Peri Sheerin SO   (5-11) Winter Park, FL
    Gabriella Santos SO   (5-9) Del Rio, TX

    Middle Blockers (Avg. Height: 5'10)
    Katherine McGrath SO   (5-10) Fairport, NY