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How long is the free trial? Will I be charged?

There is no time limit, so you won't be charged. We don't ask for your credit card to start. Free trial accounts can access the 4D rankings, reports, and profiles, however, they can simply see less data and features than Premium Subscribers. At any time during the trial, you can upgrade to a Premium account from your Settings page.

Will I have access to all 10 sports during the trial?

This account provides free trial access to all 10 sports. You can click around profiles and rankings of all 10, and when you are ready to upgrade, you can specify which of the 10 sports you'd like to gain Premium access to. You can also purchase access to multiple sports if you're a two-sport star, or a family with multiple athletes.

Is there a separate trial for the Team or School Subscription?

No, it's all the same trial. A Team or School Subscription is essentially like buying a group of subscriptions in bulk, so in the end, the product and access that you receive is accurately sampled by trialing 4D as a regular user.