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    Another exclusive set of data that 4D provides is scholarship and tuition breakdowns. We have comprehensively researched the roster size of each team, the athletic scholarship limits imposed by the NCAA and NAIA, as well as in-state and out-of-state tuition, room, board, and costs at each institution. This allows us to provide a valuable calculation for you about what to expect when it comes to what a school has to offer money-wise.

    Black Hills State Football

    36 athletic scholarships (NCAA DII limit)

    114 players on roster

    36 for 114 means average athletic aid available covers 32% per player

    Tuition/fees/board: $23,115 out of state, $20,199 in-state

    With 32% covered: $15,816 out-of-state and $13,820 in-state

    The last line is the important one - it's the amount you should still expect to pay even after a potential athletic scholarship has been earned.

    The number of players that a college team keeps on their roster has a significant impact on how much the average athlete on the team receives in athletic aid. For example, consider an NAIA football school with 24 scholarships to give. At Montana Western, with 65 players, the average money available to each player is 37% of costs. At Montana Tech, with 120 players, the average amount available to each players is 20%.

    Same scholarship limits, same division, very different scholarship expectations.

    Colleges do not make individual scholarships public

    Of course, this does not mean every player receives 32%. The scholarships that a school gives to players are private information, and it is not possible to know the exact amounts a specific player receives.

    That said, the limits set by the NCAA and NAIA are public and immutable, so we can speak confidently make calculations like these about the average amount available at every school. Also worth noting is that a college does not have to use the full NCAA limit of scholarships, Black Hills might only choose to provide 32 of their allotted 36 - that's an institution's choice.

    Where to find them on 4D

    Every team profile page includes the scholarship calculation for a given team.