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    We use real outcomes and real data to help you research schools.

    4D provides detailed team-by-team data on over 1,300 NCAA Division I, II, III and NAIA athletic programs. It is a subscription based tool that you can pay to gain access to premium rankings, reports, and profiles.

    Why should a parent or coach invest in a 4D subscription?

    For a decision that will cost $20k-$40k per year, there is so little transparency available for parents. Even finding a list of all colleges that offer a given sport isn't trivial to do online today. If you wait for letters to come in the mail or for coaches to find you, you'll miss out on 80% of the opportunities available to you. There are 1,300 NCAA and NAIA schools, and we want to turn any parent or coach into a well-informed expert by helping them keep track of all the new head coaches, or who just graduated their goalie, or who uses Fullbacks, or who the top DIII programs are over the past 5 years....anything that will impact your athlete's college experience.

    The harsher version of the sales pitch is the fact that over the last five years more than half of college athletes who begin college on a roster have quit or transferred before Senior year. The attrition rates are as high as about 2 out of 3 in some sport, specifically football. Whatever parents have been using the past 10 years isn't serving them the right way. 4D is the first company tracking this data. I had a parent tell me once if he'd had the historical attrition rate data on the college soccer coach that recruited his daughter, it would have saved him $20k, a full year's tuition. She transferred colleges after one year because the culture on the team was poor, which caused her to take 5 years instead of 4 to graduate. College coaches don't have an incentive to say "by the way, most of my Juniors quit last year and I'll let you talk with them on your recruiting visit." The goal of 4D is entirely about making that kind of information more transparent for parents.

    What does 4D stand for?

    The name is about finding a college where in 4 years, you'll have a Degree. I remember being a HS football player when "what's your 40?" was such a common question, but looking back with the benefit of experience your 40 time won't mean anything if you don't achieve the true goal: a degree in 4 years.

    The true goal of all the recruiting stuff often gets lost. In the end, getting recruited is not what matters, getting ranked as a top prospect is not what matters, but making a great decision and being where you want to be 4 years later with a Degree in hand will matter. 4D is the only company that tracks every athlete through their entire college career. The reason we do that is so we can show current high schoolers information that is based on real outcomes, real facts, so they can make a better choice.

    How does a player get the most out of the 4D Report. What tips can you provide?

    First tip is to think about which priorities are important to you: some kids may want to go where there's a winning tradition, while some may want to go where the team went 1-10 and 5-6 the past two years to be a part of a turnaround. There's no one size fits all. You may care about playing as soon as you can, or you may be fine waiting until Junior year if you're at a championship program. Veteran coach vs. 1st year coach? There's different reasons to be interested in both. The data in 4D can seem overwhelming, but it's because we want you to be able to look at a school from whatever perspective is important to you. Click on teams you've never heard of, you'll have fun learning about new opportunities.

    Second tip is use the "where are they now" data to learn from players who went before you and to get in touch with schools. You can see every player from your area playing in college, and where they went. Reach out to them or their HS coach and get their experience, or ask them who the right contact is at their college to send your film to. Guys who played in your HS conference or your city are often eager to share their experiences to help the next batch of kids going through the process.

    Is there a contract or can I stop the subscription at any time?

    No contract, no strings attached, you can cancel and restart at anytime just like Netflix. And for the High School coaches reading this, check out our Team Membership options to provide your parents and assistants bulk access to 4D - it's a great way for a Booster Club or Coach's Club to put money behind their kids' college future.